It is the mission of Cathedral Arcanum to produce the highest quality resin castings and molds for our clients and maintain exceptional customer service for all.

We are devoted to crafting exceptional quality consistently, maintaining remarkable customer service, and preserving a committed, "Made in the USA," approach to manufacturing.

We are a collaborative company, working together, and sharing in the rewards. Together we hold over 25 years of design, casting, and industry experience. We've also been modelling and playing with toy soldiers for as long as time has been gracious enough to grant. 

If you're an enthusiast looking for your next model kit. make Cathedral Arcanum resin part of your table-top landscape! We have some of our products available in our Shop and we look forward to adding many more in the future.

From our very first day in business, we have released quality, hand-sculpted, resin castings for ourselves and our clients. We continue to develop new and innovative miniatures, serve our design and manufacturer clients, while honoring our mission and the principles which help to found our company.

Whether you're a business attracted to outsourcing production, a sculptor breaking into an industry, or you simply want to replicate an original work, we are equipped for the job. Our skilled team boast more than 20 years of resin casting and mold making experience. We are a small business that guarantees your project will get the attention it deserves, no matter the scale, size, or profit!

We stand behind everything that we do and we give our personal guarantee that, no matter what, we will not rest until a problem is resolved.

Thank you for visiting! 



All of us, and by all we mean the few of us, here at Cathedral Arcanum

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