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About Us

Cathedral Arcanum was established to provide you and our customers with the highest quality resin castings we canproduce - whether by our design or yours!   We are devoted to crafting exceptional quality,  maintaining remarkable customer service, and preserving a committed, "Made in the USA," approach to manufacturing.

From the very first day we began this journey, we have released unique, hand-sculpted, resin castings that we progressively build and improve on. We continually develop new and innovative products for our customers while honoring our mission and the principles which help to found this small design and manufacturing company.

Recently, we've opened our doors to client manufacturing!  Whether you're a a business attracted to outsourcing your companies production, a sculptor trying to break into an industry, or simply someone interested in producing a few extra copies of an original work, we are equipped for the job, with more than 15 years of resin casting and mold making experience - and because we are a small company, devoted to manufacturing everything here in the United States, we can guarantee that your project will get the attention it deserves, no matter the scale, size, or profit!

We look forward to earning your business and we appreciate your continued support!

~ From all... and by all we mean the few of us, here at Cathedral Arcanum