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Event & Prize Support

Are you a tournament or event organizer?  Let us help sponsor your event!


We love a good tournament just as much as the next guy.  That's why we look for every chance to support the community that keeps wargaming alive and exciting! 

While we're on the subject, what do you think it is that brings us back, over and over again, to the table top?  

Is it the awe-inspiring sight of a beautifully painted army assaulting across the terrain, fending off hordes of combatant forces, all for a shot at battlefield prowess?  Is it the feel of the dice in your hand and the rush it delivers when you roll for a chance to wound the enemy?  Perhaps it's the taste of victory on the battlefield and showing your true grit as a commander!  

We love the competitive atmosphere and camaraderie wargame events inspire: the sportsmanship and friendly banter, the war stories and strategies. Those qualities are what make a great tournament for us; each and every one, vital to its success.

That's why we feel the best way to protect what we love about wargame events is to support them.


How can Cathedral Arcanum help You? Event support makes great events!



Prize support, swag gifts, and vendor presence are great ways to draw out more players and enhance the overall experience of your event!  

That's where we come in!  

From small, twenty person, backyard game days to large scale three and four day conventions, qualifying events can receive discounted, or even free, swag and prize support from Cathedral Arcanum!  Given the chance we would love to visit your event, provide a retail experience, and have the opportunity to meet with your players!

Maybe all you need is a little extra terrain to spruce up your table-tops?  We can help!  I might even go as far to say that we would make special terrain just for your event!

Contact us today to inquire about event sponsorship!