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We have officially opened our doors to Client manufacturing!

With over 15 years of resin casting experience and virtually a century of combined hobby know-how we can take your product from "dream" to "reality" faster than you can say polymerization catalyst!  Ok... Maybe not that fast, but fast!  Whether you just want to make a few copies of your favorite original sculpt or launch an epic Kickstarter © we can help make it happen!

Contact us today for a free quote and consultation!       



What casting process do we use?

We primarily use gravity casting, where the resin is poured into a rubber mold and pulled down into all parts by gravity. We then use a vacuum chamber or pressure pot to pull the resin throughout the mold guaranteeing all of the liquid resin is pulled into all details of the mold. This process will also minimize or extract any remaining air bubbles lingering from the pour.

What type of resin do we use?

We cast with a high quality, thermosetting resin that polymerizes by mixing with a curing agent. 

What type of mold do we use?

We use a flexible mold made from room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber.

How many castings come out of a mold before the mold deteriorates?

This is very dependent on the size and detail of the figure.  Molds that require a larger volume of resin will generally get fewer castings where smaller volume molds get more.  In most cases, we can get 20-35 runs from a single production mold.

What type of material should your original master be?

We can make a master mold and casting from pretty much anything.  Some examples might include a hand sculpted clay or putty epoxy mini, 3D printed plastic mini, metal or pewter casting, as well as natural materials such as wood or stone.  We can clean and prepare a previously cast model even if there is paint or glue on the figure.  

On occasion an original figure may need to be prepped for a mold which can cause changes in the original figure: some materials may need a coating to prepare it for making a master mold, but in those cases a new master casting will be made and provided for the client.

Where are we located?

We stand true to our roots and make everything here in the USA.  We are located in the State of Virginia.

What do we charge for manufacturing services?

We work out our service and material pricing on a per project basis.  You can contact us for a quote or consultation free of charge.  Depending on the scale or complexity of the project we may need to charge for Master Mold Creation, Production Mold Creation, Resin Production Copies, and any figure cleaning or fixing that is necessary before the casting process begins.  However, we honor our quotes - no matter what!  We are up-front about our pricing and you will never pay hidden fees or extra charges at completion regarding the manufacturing process.


We will always maintain the integrity of your project.