Take Cover! Sandbag Varieties in Stock

With bullets, laser-beams, and artillery fire to hide from, cover often means the difference between life and death.  

Give your troopers something to hide behind with our Sandbag, straight-style emplacements!

This set of three 6 inch sandbags is perfect for any 28-32mm table-top miniatures game.  Whether your'e fighting a galactic battle far in the future or re-enacting your favorite historical battle these sandbags will help decorate your tabletop and the theater of war!

Let us help you make that "movie-in-your-mind" and use these as urban fortifications, beachhead barriers, or city street roadblocks.

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This set is hand-sculpted, hand-cast, and composed of high quality resin. They are textured to appear as burlap and paint up with ease.

This set contains 3 varieties - resin miniatures supplied unpainted.

Products are made in the U.S.A.

Available Now!