Update! 28mm Kneeling Legs WIP

"Progress is preeminent!  Concentrate all power to the generators, bring them up to full capacity, and on my signal, unleash hell!"

Ok, so maybe that's a little too intense for some folks.  It's just so much fun to write that way!

But in all seriousness...

We are pleased to bring you our newest work in progress on our quest for a complete 28mm Female Sci-Fi Soldier multi-part kit... Kneeling legs! 

It's starting to get really exciting as the kit is coming together nicely.  More and more modifications are manifesting in the workshop and we're really happy with the way things are turning out.

Let us know what you think!  

Kneeling Legs.JPG

Hello! Welcome to Cathedral Arcanum!

"My name is Professor Dunoyran, your tour guide and Arcanum extraordinaire!  I'm happy to have to you all here with us today.  If you have any liquids, aerosols, incendiary devices or technology created after the year 1960 please leave them with Bertram at the Cathedral entrance; you may pick them up on your way out.  Please watch your step and move quickly as we move through the main hall. Keep your hands by your side and eyes forward as we are about to carefully shrink down to a comfortable, 28-30mm size.  Follow me, everyone."

Thank you for checking out Cathedral Arcanum.  We'll be using this blog to update you with new product information, concepts, upcoming events and just about anything else we can think of.  We hope to deliver the highest quality miniatures for all your gaming and modelling needs.  We'll strive to create new and innovative idea's while maintaining an equally high quality of customer service and a YOU based atmosphere.

Stick with us as we launch from beneath the surface and journey further and on to greater creation.  Help us imagine-er along the way and we'll meet you at the finished product.

Thank you!

Professor Dunoryan